Adventure is in our nature tagline

Is it in yours?

Do it for you!

Feel total freedom while parasailing over gorgeous lakes. Experience lush forests by walking through their very treetops. Traverse tranquil lakes by canoe, or kayak roaring whitewater. When  you need to escape, recharge and refresh, there’s no better way, and no better place than the Haliburton Highlands.

Adventure, always

Explore our amazing wilderness all year round, and always be prepared for adventure. Whether hiking, cycling, or ATVing suit your fancy, the trails here are second to none. Our waters are no different with over 600 lakes. Come winter, we just happen to have some of the best snowmobile, dogsled, snowshoeing and cross-country ski trails in the province

Come Wander

Guided experiences offer diverse options, to discover local artisans, culture, history, music, sightseeing, culinary, team-building, leadership training and learning experiences of all kinds. 

We live here, we play here, we love it here. We think you will too!

The Adventure Haliburton Group works to promote the
memorable outdoor adventure experiences awaiting visitors to  the scenic Haliburton Highlands.

We live here, and we play here. We’re excited to share with your family our love for the lands, water and sky we call home, and the exciting experiences they offer.

Discover more to see, do, and love at My Haliburton Highlands.