It's in our nature.

It’s in our forests, our waterways, our skies. It’s in the trails we ride, the lakes and rivers we fish, the slopes we ski. We sail though the air and trek through the treetops. We glide through waters as still as a mirror, and as turbulent as a winter storm. We hike, ride and snowmobile over and around a landmass 4 billion years in the making, made fresh with every changing season. Adventure is who we are.

Less than a 3-hour drive from Toronto, we are the rugged, unspoiled beauty known as the Haliburton Highlands. A playground for those who both revere, and get revved up in, the great outdoors, we’re home to 9 premier adventure experiences along with countless lakes, rivers, country roads, trail systems, and public-use facilities. From the ground beneath your feet to the sky overhead, opportunities for adventure abound and await around every corner.

Since one great day deserves another, when the sun sets why not rest and recharge with one of our 13 partner inns, motels, cottage resorts, or B&Bs. Not only is our Haliburton hospitality well-known, it’s a great way to extend your time with us and enjoy the activities you love. And, if there’s a more perfect way to close out the day than by gathering around the fire, sharing stories and s’mores under a ceiling of the stars, we don’t want to know about it!

Adventure is in our nature. Is it in yours?

Start planning your next Haliburton adventure today.