Add Adventure Haliburton to your website

As Partners, you play a key role in driving traffic to Adventure Haliburton. Adding our logo to a high-visibility area of your site, such as the home page, footer or a Partners page, ensures your guests can easily discover the full scope of adventure/recreation experiences in our region. 

Our Logo Package provides both the logo on it’s own, as well as a  lock up with our ‘Adventure is in our nature’ tagline. Plus, in 7 brand-approved colours along with black and white options, it’s a snap to add the version that complements your website colour palette. Whichever version you choose, please ensure the logo displays good contrast with the surrounding background.

And, when you install your preferred logo, be sure to link the logo to

Need print-quality logos to add to your marketing materials? Email us at and we’ll get you set up.